Frequently Asked Questions.

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We have simplified the process so you can sign up just one time and receive the links for all the meetings (don’t worry you can unsubscribe at any time).

You can register directly from our  Join Us page or join our private Facebook Group (link is posted weekly at 6:30pm EST). 

By registering for the events or joining the Facebook group you help protect the privacy and information of all of our members. Through the registration process you are also agreeing to conduct yourself per the TWR policies which can be found here

Yes! There are sharing links on the individual events on this site or you can share on Facebook. Your friend will need to register before the event. 

100% FREE!  You may attend as often as you like.  We encourage you to attend regularly so this becomes your schedule to take time for yourself. 

The link will be emailed to all registered attendees 30 minutes prior to the workshop and posted to the private Facebook Group

To protect the privacy of our group members, we only record guest presentations. 

Meeting Experience

A Zoom link will be sent 30 minutes prior to the event. You can join online, thru the Zoom app, or by simply calling the number in the invite. 

Participants are placed in a waiting room initially to ensure only those registered for the event are allowed to enter. 

If there is a printable or handout they will be emailed with the Zoom link and will be posted in the Facebook Group in the File section.

There is no requirement! You can work on anything you like or just socialize. 

Other suggestions include: taking action on the presentation, sorting mail/email, planning out your week, drinking wine,  or organizing a space in your home. 

The meeting topic refers to the short presentation (5-15 minutes in length) during the first part of the meeting. This is the changing variable of the workshop. 

The topics are presented at the end of the prior meeting so you can know what to expect and be ready with questions the following week. 

If you have a meeting topic idea, we would love to hear about it. Leave us a message, post on Facebook, or let us know at the next workshop. 



Zoom allows us to host this meeting and provides extra protection to participants. 

No, you may log in using your  computer, phone (in the app or by calling into the meeting) or any tablet/iPad.  The email will contain login information for these different devices.

If you are logging in you will want to go to us.zoom.com a few minutes before the meeting to download their software and test your audio. 

We would love to see your face, but you can also choose to just use audio.