Did you every wonder how the

Weekly Round Up came to be...

We connected in 2019 since our businesses all had a focus on paper organization and productivity although in very different ways. We set up a weekly call to discuss our individual businesses.

Having that time to meet every week was great for helping us achieve our respective business goals, but we also found it was a social highlight in our week. We had a great excuse to socialize, share knowledge, and it was truly amazing how quickly we formed friendships online.

Over time, we started talking about the different needs our clients had with productivity and organizing. There was a growing list of topics that we knew would be valuable to discuss, but did not directly fall under our individual businesses. We discussed presenting some of these topics in our local communities since we all valued volunteering and giving back to our community.

Then one Monday morning we had the idea of merging this new found social platform, our organizing and productivity talents, and our desire to give back by creating a weekly workshop (we also thought it validated the need for new office supplies!). The Weekly Round Up was born!

The Weekly Round Up is a positive space where you can come each week for approximately 75 minutes completely free of charge, free of pressure, and free of judgement. We hope this time will inspire you, connect you to a new group of friends, and start your week off right.

Let's Connect!